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Common dog diseases; learn about these diseases, their causes and symptoms

1Arthritis is a common dog disease
2Bloating or twisting of the stomach
3Cancer is a common dog disease
4Cognitive Dysfunction
5Diabetes mellitus is a common dog disease
6Tuberculosis is a common dog disease
7Ear infections
8Eye disease is a common dog disease
10Kidney disease is a common dog disease
11Lyme disease
12Heartworms are a common dog disease
Pet owners should be aware of common dog diseases and make sure to provide the necessary health care for their pet. While almost every breed of dog has some conditions that are common to the breed, there are diseases that are common to most dogs and familiar to the pet owner. If you’re new to dog ownership, it’s helpful to have a basic knowledge of these conditions so you can recognize the signs and symptoms in the future. Learn about these diseases, their causes and symptoms, as well as the top 16 most common diseases.
Arthritis is a common dog disease:
The most common type of arthritis found primarily in large dogs is degenerative arthritis, a painful condition that can lead to symptoms such as:

Lack of appetite
Weight gain due to lethargy
Difficulty walking
Arthritis can also affect dogs through bacterial or fungal infections, such as Rocky Mountain spotted fever (RMSF). This type of arthritis is called canine rheumatoid arthritis and is very rare, most often seen in young dogs.
Bloat or gastric torsion:
Gastric torsion, more commonly known as bloat, is a fatal condition where a dog’s stomach can twist around itself, stopping blood flow to other organs that eventually results in shock or death. Bloat can happen to any dog but it occurs most often with deep-chested breeds, such as:

Great Danes
German Shepherds
St. Bernards
Irish Setters
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Cancer is a common canine disease:
There are many forms of cancer that can affect dogs, with skin cancer being the most common and the mouth being the most common location for tumors. In many, but not all, cases, cancer will eventually lead to the death of the dog, but there are many advances in veterinary medicine that can help prolong the dog’s life. Some other common cancers found in dogs are:

Stomach cancer
Liver cancer
Prostate tumors in male dogs
Lymphoma in dogs that can be fatal within one to two months without treatment
Cognitive dysfunction:
Canine Cognitive Dysfunction (CCD) is a common canine disease that is the canine equivalent of dementia in humans. It is one of the most common canine diseases and is characterized by a range of symptoms including:
behavioral changes
Inability to sleep at night
Problems remembering familiar people, places, and spoken or visual cues
Low energy or lethargy
Weight gain
Extreme lethargy
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Diabetes is a common dog disease:
Diabetes is a common canine disease, as it affects the dog’s metabolism and blood glucose level and is very similar to diabetes in humans. This chronic disease can cause serious complications for the dog if left untreated, including blindness.

Symptoms of diabetes include

Weight loss
Increased appetite
increased thirst
excessive urination
Many dogs live long lives with diabetes but with dietary guidelines and insulin injections it can be controlled. Diabetes in dogs is prevalent among dogs that are
Tuberculosis is a common dog disease:
Tuberculosis is an infectious and common canine disease that is often fatal and for which there is unfortunately no cure. The best method of prevention is vaccination. The disease affects:

respiratory tract
Gastrointestinal tract or digestive system
Central nervous system
Symptoms of tuberculosis in dogs include:

watery eyes
nasal discharge
Nasal crusting
Difficulty breathing
If the tuberculosis virus has traveled to the stomach, you may also notice

Ear infection
Ear infections are a common dog disease because the anatomical structure of a dog’s ear makes it a breeding ground for bacteria. Dog breeds with long, floppy ears are particularly at risk such as:

Beagle breed
Cocker Spaniels
If left untreated, your dog can develop a more serious condition such as vestibular canine syndrome, which can cause

Asymmetry of movement or loss of balance
loss of appetite
Eye disorders are a common dog disease
Eye disorders are common in dogs and one of the most frequently observed disorders is glaucoma. Cataracts are also a common condition found in older dogs, but younger dogs may develop them after physical injury to the eye, malnutrition, or a genetic disorder. Some eye diseases are more prevalent in certain breeds, such as:

Cocker Spaniels
Australian Shepherds
Golden Retrievers
Labrador Retrievers
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Infectious bronchitis in dogs, also known as kennel cough, is a very common respiratory condition in dogs. It is highly contagious and can involve a virus such as parainfluenza or a bacterial infection. Symptoms of kennel cough in dogs include:

Runny nose and eyes
Weakness or loss of appetite
difficulty breathing

Kidney disease is a common dog disease:
Kidney disease is another common dog disease, a disorder that occurs primarily in older dogs although it can occur in dogs at any stage of life. Symptoms include kidney disease in dogs:

Drinking large amounts of water
lack of appetite
weight loss
decreased urination
Dogs can develop kidney disease as a result of :

physical trauma
A condition secondary to another disease such as heart disease or Cushing’s disease.
Congenital defects
Dogs can live for a long time with kidney disease with a change of diet and supportive care including:

intravenous fluids
Heartworms are a common dog disease:
Heartworms are parasites that can infect your dog’s heart, lungs, veins, and arteries. It can lead to:

Heart failure
lung disease
Symptoms of heartworm include:

shortness of breath
loss of appetite
weight loss
bloating in
stomach area

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