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How do I make my cat happy? Discover the signs of happiness in cats

Cats may seem like mysterious creatures and you may feel that it is difficult to understand them and make them happy, but there are some things you can do to ensure your cat’s happiness by transforming your home into a cat-friendly environment and making it meet all your cat’s needs, and in the following article we tell you the answer to the question “How do I make my cat happy?” and the signs of happiness in cats and how to achieve them
1/ Signs of happiness in cats:
 The most important signs of happiness in cats include the following:
*The cat has a good appetite.
*The cat should be in good physical health.
*The cat makes a distinctive purring sound.
*The cat looks comfortable.
* A happy cat is a cat that loves to play.
*It is a sign of happiness that the cat is happy to see its owners.
* Happy cats rub their body against yours.
* A happy cat shows interest and curiosity about its environment.
* Happy cats are friendly and not aggressive.
*Happy cats like to sleep, but not too much.
*Happy cats maintain good grooming habits.
* Happy cats use the litter box regularly.
*When a cat lies on its back and shows its belly, it is a sign that it is satisfied and relaxed.
* In the end, your cat’s eyes can tell you about its mood, as happy cats have half-closed eyes, this indicates that they are comfortable and do not feel threatened.
2/How do I make my cat happy?
 There are a few tricks you can use to make your cat happy and include:

Stimulating your cat’s hunting instincts during mealtime Hunting for food is a vital natural instinct and a great way for cats to spend energy, and since you are providing your pet cat with food, their chances of satisfying all their natural hunting behaviors are few, so it’s up to you to help stimulate their hunting instincts.
To keep your cat entertained during meals, you can use certain strategies and tools to allow your cat to stimulate their hunting instincts.
 You can help stimulate your cat’s hunting instincts while eating as follows: You can hide small amounts of food in multiple locations in the house, there are even toy mice that can be stuffed with cat food or treats and hidden in the house, and you can use simple tricks like a shoe box with holes and put dry cat food inside.
3/Using interactive cat toys to mentally stimulate cats You need to provide interactive toys for cats to enjoy fun and engaging playtimes, some toys such as a mouse toy and toys that move or can be pulled on a string can be good options, try different types of toys until you know your cat’s preferences.
Care should be taken with some toys that can pose a danger to cats, there are some things that can be swallowed such as strings, and any part of the toy that poses a danger should be discarded when you cannot directly supervise the cat while playing
4/ Take your cat outside:
 Veterinarians encourage cat owners to take their cats outside with proper precautions. If you can’t take your cat outside, you can make an outdoor enclosure as shown in the picture, through which the cat can enjoy the outdoors and watch the fresh air and birds safely without being exposed to danger.
If you don’t have the means to make an outdoor catio enclosure in your home, try using a cat harness for some safe outdoor time. If you plan to take your cat outside, don’t forget to properly vaccinate your cat and make sure he or she is up to date on flea and tick prevention and deworming shots.

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